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We're the only company in our sector able to offer this combined service

Source8 supports organisations in designing and executing business technology sourcing exercises that are aligned with their business requirements from the outset and that deliver the expected benefits and value. Our support covers from the strategic definition up to the benefits realisation stages:


Source8 can help with identifying the optimal sourcing strategy either across all of a client’s telecoms and IT services or for a specific service, including but not restricted to: consolidation opportunities, new technologies, business models and commercial supplier relationships. Our approach includes details of the suppliers to be approached, a full project plan to be implemented, and a business case detailing the expected results. This will allow you to achieve sustainable cost savings against this plan.


Often managers need to back up their decision with a robust business case that considers the direct and indirect financial, tactical and strategic costs and benefits of different alternatives. Source8 employs our extensive experience in dealing with varied and complex technology projects in order to provide clear and realistic evaluations of different scenarios and expected outcomes based on a specific company’s needs and supplier market.


We understand that in large corporations, telecoms and IT services will have a broad range of stakeholders and the identification of their various needs and priorities does not always occur. Source8 investigates and assesses the internal customers’ needs, and provides IT managers with a clear and comprehensive analysis of common and particular needs to be considered in any project, as well as potential barriers and risks to implementation.


Source8 can design and manage the execution of sourcing exercises using different procurement methodologies, from single source negotiation to online bidding, and including RFI and RFP processes. Our support includes designing the right document, approaching the market, managing the communication and Q&A period on behalf of our clients, developing and applying structured response evaluation tools, and providing recommendations.


Source8 has extensive negotiation experience and we provide expert support in building up negotiation positions and identifying the Best Alternative to no Negotiation (BATNA), the Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA), and the most suitable strategy and tactics to be used for each individual case.


Source8 understands the success of any project is not only based on the excellence of the solution, it also demands time and effort to be spent aligning the organisation and stakeholders with the new scenario. We have the expertise required to build an effective and workable communication plan which will help align organisations and staff.


Source8 can analyse the service and financial performance of your procurement projects against the target, and identify the level of achievement, areas for improvement, and corrective actions required.