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We're the only company in our sector able to offer this combined service

Businesses expect and require the telecoms and IT services that they rely upon to offer both good quality of service and value for money. Yet, solutions that were once effective and fit for purpose may become obsolete or redundant in a few years due to changes in the market, technology, or business strategies.

As such, ongoing review and assessment of the performance and cost of telecoms and IT services, and identification of issues and opportunities for improvement, are paramount. Source8 has developed a number of services that ensure the technology infrastructure is and remains effective and aligned with the business requirements.


Source8 has experience in identifying technology and telecoms cost structures, drivers, usage patterns and demand forecasts. This is based on careful analysis of invoicing and direct costs, as well as reviewing the terms and conditions of the agreements in place. Furthermore, we provide a full assessment of stakeholders’ needs and suppliers’ situation, including full analysis of risks and opportunities.


In order to secure successful business results, our clients need to leverage the right information. To make the best decisions about sourcing, buyers and managers need access to a range of information including corporate spending, suppliers in the marketplace, market conditions, technological and business trends, and regulatory issues that could affect company decisions. Source 8 has a number of services designed to provide intelligence to businesses so that they can make educated decisions.


Market prices for services continue to fluctuate over time as newer technologies and services that provide better performance, reliability and security are offered. Source8 is able to perform cost and service benchmark reviews and analysis for existing services and compare them to current best-practice and value in the market for equivalent services.

Source8 is also able to work with clients to review technology trends and suggest alternatives to replace or extend their existing services. This ensures that the most appropriate services are being offered both now and for the duration of a contract with a service provider. Our benchmark and analysis services provide quantitative and qualitative assessments of the prices and services being offered.


Source8 provides organisations with an evaluation of suppliers by marketplace, capabilities, financial conditions, standard of service and coverage. This allows our clients to identify the best alternatives for their projects and to have a solid knowledge base on which to determine the opportunities and risks each potential or current supplier presents to their organisation.


At Source8, we believe that many companies could obtain considerable advantage from having closer, more strategic relationships with suppliers. As such, we review clients’ existing management of telecoms services, the importance within your business and its geographical spread. Through this practice, we can define and implement an appropriate development program oriented to streamline our clients’ supplier relationship.