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We're the only company in our sector able to offer this combined service

We understand technology in business as a strategic tool that enables organisations to improve their performance and adapt to changes in their environment. As such, a strong understanding of the current markets, solutions and future trends is fundamental to ensure operations remain effective and that new technologies and associated business models are organically incorporated.

Source8 can assist organisations in assessing both current technology infrastructure and technology offering, identifying weaknesses and threats, as well as strengths and opportunities, and building business cases by evaluating the benefits and challenges associated with both internal projects as well as market-oriented initiatives.

By providing unbiased qualitative and quantitative analysis that supports the decision process of the organisation we ensure our clients are well equipped to set or refine their strategy and implement a development road-map.

Our advisory services are tailored to the specific needs and situations of our clients, and they may include:

  • Evaluation of technology trends, and how they may affect our clients’ businesses and operations
  • Strategic assessment of the existing technology infrastructure, including gaps, issues and opportunities.
  • Feasibility analysis of existing or planned initiatives and options for mitigating any risks identified.
  • Assessment of opportunities triggered by changes in the business or in the technology sector.
  • Development of business cases that provide an objective, structured perspective and baseline guidance for strategic changes.
  • Analysis and design of organisational changes required to benefit or respond to technology changes.
  • Assessment and architecture of business process improvement that responds to business changes and leverages technology.
  • Product and services development for technology suppliers looking to penetrate new markets, expand or adapt their product portfolio.