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We're the only company in our sector able to offer this combined service

By using our market knowledge and understanding of the issues and challenges faced by corporate users, we can assist the business development effort of telecom and IT suppliers. Examples of our technology capabilities include:


Source8 can assist telecoms and IT operators identifying and penetrating new geographical markets and market segments. Our assistance can cover a number of areas, from reviewing the market dynamics in a particular location and industry and assessing the potential for growth, to assisting with the set-up of any local entity and office requirements, including real estate and security aspects.
We can also assess policies and regulations of the target market, identify associated opportunities and challenges, as well as provide support on the identification and assessment of potential local partners and suppliers.


Source8 is able to offer a range of services for bid support, including services aligned to public sector procurement processes, to assist in winning specific tenders. Our assistance can cover from the feasibility review (based on service and competitor assessment), business case development, and market opportunity & financial modelling, up to supporting the implementation of any bid awarded. This can include: commercial planning and alignment using short-listed competitor SWOT analysis, client’s feedback, competitive dialogue and other information sources; solution design (including service component design), service performance, processes and support functions, project planning, partners and subcontractors; preparation and submission of documentation with response to tenders and iterative support before and after client meetings, and support award process, including assistance with contract drafting and service regime design.


While our focus is to enhance our clients’ relationship with their customer, we also evaluate their relationships with their portfolio of suppliers and potential competitors. This action can result in changing transactional relationships to collaborative ones. At Source8, we understand that in order to build the holistic and comprehensive solutions that customers are looking for, telecom and IT operators need to build a network of business relationships that expand their capabilities.
Source8 will investigate and assess potential suppliers which fit with a client’s strategy and needs. We could then conduct due diligence processes as well as exploratory discussion oriented to building healthy relations with new suppliers and partners, on behalf of the client’s company.


A world class telecom solution requires world class sales and provisioning processes. We have the experience required to correctly assess the strengths and weakness of an organisation and the processes involved in these functions. We also have the ability to provide an organization with realistic advice about the opportunities and threats they can offer, and build a proposal to enhance their position.

Source8 will help our clients to identify the organisational structure and processes that best fit their strategy. These processes can include: development of specific processes tailored to our clients’ business requirements, tools assessment, an identification of an optimal organisation structure with effective skills mapping and training strategies


Source8 can assist in identifying the optimal strategy to enhance the proposition that our clients offer to their corporative customers, either across their entire portfolio of solutions or for a specific service. These include, but are not restricted to: consolidation opportunities, new technologies, business models and suppliers commercial relationship.

In addition, we provide business intelligence that empowers our clients to take more informed decisions regarding a particular opportunity, including corporate spending, suppliers in the marketplace, market conditions, technological and business trends, and regulatory issues that could affect a client’s proposals.

Source8 has the ability and market knowledge required to evaluate our clients’ proposal(s), providing them with a clear view of their current situation, commercial possibilities and evidence for their negotiation plan.