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We're the only company in our sector able to offer this combined service

At Source8 we understand that market information and qualitative and quantitative analysis are fundamental to take informed decisions, particularly when considering the pace of change in the telecoms and IT sector. Consequently we have developed skills, tools and resources that enable us to provide solid and pragmatic information to support the decision making process of our clients.

Our service is tailored to the specific needs of our clients but a sample of common services include:


Source8 is able to review business technologies as well as telecoms and IT markets across the globe to offer organisations visibility of the associated opportunities and threats. These reviews can cover assessing the functionalities and commercial implications of particular technologies and services at a global scale or their impact, status and likely evolution on a particular segment of relevance for a specific industry.


Source8 can review supplier options across the globe covering international, regional and national players. These reviews may include the identification of relevant players for a particular market and service segment and the analysis of strengths and weaknesses that each supplier offers for a particular solution. The analysis can be tailored to offer a high level perspective or include a detailed assessment of a supplier, covering ownership, financial situation, service capabilities and coverage, among others.


Source8 offers capacity and sizing models for technology and telecommunications services, such as Wide Area Networks, that allow client requirements to be defined against a number of different drivers and scenarios. This tool can be used to understand the impact of new services and applications, assess the likely cost implication on new tariffs, evaluate the utilisation and performance of existing infrastructure, identify potential risks before they become an issue, and identify opportunities for rationalisation.


Source8 delivers bespoke studies to assess the suitability of a particular location(s) from the perspective of connectivity. This might include: review of a telecoms market in a city, country or region; assessment of the Telco services availability and expected performance of these services; identification of which Telecom carriers are best placed to provide connectivity; distances and potential issues for the provision of connectivity; cost and lead-time for the supply of voice and data connectivity; assessment of commercial, operational and regulatory implications.