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We're the only company in our sector able to offer this combined service

Source8’s Enhanced Business Intelligence (EBI) service provides an holistic view of any subject or entity, an enhanced insight into associated networks including family members, professional and business links and hidden relationships or beneficial ownership of associated entities. In addition, the service delivers in-depth analysis of jurisdiction risk management related to money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption and organised crime. Our aim is to understand complex, personal and corporate networks and de-risk business decisions. Our combination of field intelligence, human investigative techniques, open source data mining, and analytical experience make our business intelligence service unparalleled.

Our highly experienced team is a blend of premier-grade investigative, legal, security and intelligence experts supported by a team of international researchers and an ever-growing proprietary library of over 4 million personal and corporate profiles. With 12 years’ experience in the field we are market leaders in identifying personal and business relationships, beneficial ownership and risk intelligence data. Underpinning our service is our absolute dedication to our clients to support well-informed business decisions to minimise both financial and reputational risk.