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We're the only company in our sector able to offer this combined service

To get good results one needs to leverage the right information and at Source8 we assist clients in identifying and assessing the opportunities and challenges offered by particular geographical location or industry when it comes to their commercial and corporate real estate. The expertise of our staff combined with a network of local experts and proprietary information database and tools allow us to offer relevant and pragmatic insight to real estate functions regardless of the location and the sector.

Our market intelligence capability is tailored to the specific requirements of a client; however they typically include:


We provide relevant, pragmatic and unbiased information regarding the opportunities and challenges that a particular region, country or city may offer. Our analysis can cover economic and political landscape, regulatory and security considerations, infrastructure and logistics, and supply and demand on specific services and products.


We assist real estate functions by identifying and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of specific sites and locations, covering aspects such as ownership, cost, transport and communication, access to utilities, major natural and man-made risks.


Specific industries and sectors in a region, country or city can be analysed to understand their supply and demand dynamics, main market players, and key trends. This can be associated to a market assessment, or tailored to provide our clients with a perspective of suitable suppliers and partners for a particular geography.


With an ever-changing landscape, organisations need to be aware of emerging trends that may affect their business sector, or specific functions within their organisation.