Major Airline Lease Acquisition - Lebanon, Beirut - Source8
Major Airline Lease Acquisition – Lebanon, Beirut
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Major Airline Lease Acquisition – Lebanon, Beirut

Client: The UK's Leading Airline

Size: 130 sqm


  • Our client needed to relocate their existing office due to corporate security protocols
  • Location and speed were the key factors with visits of our client’s security team already planned at time of appointment
  • The space needed was of a fairly small size yet needed to be customer facing and able to receive members of the public


  • The market in Beirut is extremely buoyant for small space and landlords operate a first come, first served policy (with the first to sign getting the space!)
  • Our client’s security had to tie into the process, so Source8 needed to be able to filter space they knew would not be suitable, to ensure maximise efficiency and the best use of our client’s project teams’ time during their visit to Beirut


  • Source8 was able to advise our client correctly and very rapidly as options came onto the market
  • Source8 implemented a clear process with both our client and the landlord though the signing of a letter of intent within 2 days of the security survey, giving both comfort to the landlord and time for our client to get approvals and draft the lease agreement

Value added

  • Source8’s in-depth knowledge of the market, specifically around the severe imbalance between the supply and demand of property, along with the correct management of the process ensured that our client did not lose their preferred option

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