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Support to a Global IT Transformation Programme
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Support to a Global IT Transformation Programme

Client: One of Australia's Largest Telecom and Multimedia Companies


Our client is one of the worlds largest telecommunications providers with a significant EMEA business. They were faced with a significant problem in that they had a set of legacy systems that were costly, complex and reduced the company’s ability to react rapidly to strategic opportunities.


Over time, our client’s application stack had become difficult to use and maintain, with a set of related business processes that were out-dated and restricted by the systems used. To address these concerns, our client looked to invest in new systems to help improve the efficiency of their processes and effectively improve customer experience.


  • A radical & innovative ‘partnering’ approach was taken using a team of internal and external domain experts
  • Business led BSS SaaS stack built (representing lead to cash primary functions and using industry best practice applications) in under 12 months for £1.5m (c. 20% of the cost of alternative approach)
  • Supported business strategy around products and process
  • Level of integration between COTS applications achieved which created customer centricity and mitigated the restrictions of previous data silos
  • SaaS solution brought the benefit of a customisable industry-leading process, which does not require in-house development in the same way
  • Engaged the business to re-define business process based on new SaaS tools available

Value added

  • Business now positioned to exploit the benefits of SaaS – flexibility for the future
  • Business got best in class solution, with manageable update path (reducing the requirement for future heavy development) at a speed and cost incomparable to standard IT exercises


Nature of instruction

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