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Fortune 50 Tech Company Lease Acquisition Gabon, Libreville
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Fortune 50 Tech Company Lease Acquisition Gabon, Libreville

Client: A Fortune 50 Technology Company

Size: 80 sqm


  • Our client needed an office to formally house and increase their operations in Libreville
  • Location was key but it was known that suitable alternative options would be limited to meet the clients requirements
  • Long payment lead times meant flexibility was required throughout the process


  • Availability of options in the areas requested was limited
  • Difficult landlord agent making whole process overly cumbersome
  • Our client’s approval processes and payment times lead to a lengthy process
  • OHADA Law needing to be respected to ensure correct tenant rights


  • Selection of option made rapidly against recommendation in limited supply market
  • Lease draft undertaken for landlord’s agent to ensure progress on dossier
  • Management of lease process against timing with signature and start date two months before payments made
  • Lease terms negotiated to be favourable for tenant renewal rights

Value added

  • Deal held together over many months ensuring landlord was managed during long approval processes and payment processes
  • Lease dates and signature negotiated to assist with long payment lead times
  • Selection of notary and landlord due diligence for our client
  • Approval of tenant works negotiated with landlord

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