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Key staff

Chris Rowley

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer.  Chris Rowley is one of the co-founders and architects...
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Simon Venn

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer.  Simon is one of the co-founders of Source8. Simon is a...
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Sue Asprey Price

Executive Director. Prior to joining Source8, Sue was the Head of Consulting for EMEA in CBRE and...
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Westley Cockle

Head of Project Management. Westley manages a highly-skilled and diverse team of project managers...
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Anser Rizvi

Anser is Head of Consulting & Analysis at Source8, leading a team of consultants and analysts...
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Alejandro Navarro

Director of Strategy and Products.  Alejandro Navarro has prime responsibilities for the...
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Gayatri Kunhiraman

Director of Business Development. Gayatri has been with Source8 for over 5 years and as part of the...
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Ken Allison MBE

Director of Internal Risk Management. Ken has industry-leading experience in the most challenging...
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